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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Welcome to the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 13, 2008

As the founder and operator of Star Wars Fanworks: The Home of Star Wars Fan Audio, I would like to welcome you to the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed, an all-new way of getting your fix of Star Wars fan audio from Fanworks.

Fanworks launched on September 1, 2003, to provide a home and hub for the growing community of amateur audio producers whose projects centered around the Star Wars franchise and its fandom community. Since that time, the genre has grown from a small handful of creative individuals into an entire creative community that is out there, actively creating podcasts (which we used to just know as "internet-based radio shows"), audio dramas, and audio parodies, while also, in some cases, branching out into other creative genres as well.

Since 2003, the RSS feed has developed into an easy and effective way to get audio productions out to listeners. While many in the Star Wars fan audio community embraced this new technology and created feeds for their own productions, there has never, until now, been a centralized feed that is meant to focus on fan audio productions from various creative teams and specifically designed to include audio dramas and parodies alongside podcasts, rather than being exclusive to podcast (radio show) style materials.

As a fan, a creator, and a patron, I welcome you. As our genre of choice would say, may the Force be with the fan audio community.

--Nathan P. Butler