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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Oct 12, 2008

In 1996, Dark Horse Comics released the oft-forgotten Star Wars one-shot comic book Tales from Mos Eisley. Among the anthology comic's stories was the story of an old spacer, known as Hegg's Tale.

Nearly a decade later (2005), Ear Candy's Steve Fluharty (acclaiimed mixer of Nothing Changes, the Holo-Advertisements series, and two episodes of Anthology) has produced an audio drama adaptation of Hegg's Tale. Thus, Ear Candy presents Tales from Mos Eisley: The Old Timer's Tale.

Listen, as the short story comes to life.*

STARRING: Steve Fluharty


AUDIO SCRIPT by Steve Fluharty

MIXED by Steve Fluharty

*We should note that no one involved in this website or Fluharty's project claims any rights over the original story that is adapted in this audio drama. In other words, Fluharty and his team have made this in homage of Mr. Jones' excellent tale, but the project exists at Dark Horse's suffrance, and the creators do not wish to annoy any parties involved. Just let us know if it should be removed, Dark Horse. Until then, we thank you for your indulgence, and hope that fans enjoy this audio interpretation of the tale.

(Originally released by Ear Candy in 2005)

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