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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jun 16, 2008

During their run, the Jedi Talk team produced a series of thirty (thirty-one if counting a Celebration appearance) episodes of a parody entitled Stormtrooper Bob.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing the entire run of the series on the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed in high quality MP3 format for the first time.

Last time, we wrapped up the 30-episode run of Stormtrooper Bob.

Here, we present an unusual episode (the final episode in our re-release of the entire SB library), the Stormtrooper Bob: Celebration II Special.

STARRING: Eugene Cash; Mark Hendersen; Ian McCormic

CREATIVE TEAM: Victor Maier; Eugene Cash; Mark Hendersen

(Stormtrooper Bob originally released by the Jedi Talk team, 1999 - 2002)

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