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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Stormtrooper Bob - Audio Parody Series

Apr 17, 2008

Jedi Talk is frequently noted (and rightly so) as the first Star Wars fan-made radio show (a "podcast" without a "podcast feed") to make its debut online, kickstarting a genre. From 1999 until its end in 2002, Jedi Talk represented a pioneer in Star Wars fan audio . . . but not just in the subgenre of radio shows.

During their run, the Jedi Talk team also produced a series of thirty (thirty-one if counting a Celebration appearance) episodes of a parody entitled Stormtrooper Bob.

When the Jedi Talk archives went offline, Stormtrooper Bob remained online in the form of low-quality ASF files on TheForce.Net Fan Films. When the site eventually turned away from audio productions in 2003 (prompting a shift in the genre and the creation of Star Wars Fanworks), the mood shifted and the series was eventually removed from TFN at the creative team's request. Later, the series was aired again within episodes of one of the shows inspired by Jedi Talk, Star Wars en Direct.

Now, the original high-quality episodes of Stormtrooper Bob are being released here as MP3s as a standalone series for the first time in this quality level for a whole new audience to enjoy.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing the entire run of the series on the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed.

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