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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

May 14, 2008

"He does look like Darth Vader . . . but with an afro."

Before the birth of fan radio shows with Jedi Talk or serious fan audio dramas with Second Strike, the fan audio parody genre began (yes, even before Stormtrooper Bob). In November 1998, a man named Jay Higgins led a small team of children and staff from the Afterschool Team Activity Club, based out of Mission Viejo, California, in the creation of a short Star Wars audio parody, Star Wars: The Radio Play.

Its recognition is long overdue, and we at Fanworks hope you enjoy the project as much as the staff and kids did making it.

Here, we present The Radio Play in MP3 format for the first time, as it was previously only available as Real Audio.

STARRING: Fred Hunn; Miss Diane; Kaelyn Fleissner; and many others

WRITTEN by Jay Higgins

MIXED by Jay Higgins

(Originally released by the Afterschool Team Activity Club in 1998)

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