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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Feb 17, 2008

Rise of Nobility is a story about Padme Amidala growing up. Padme wasn't always the stolid, non-emotional and self-assured queen that she was in The Phantom Menace. What Rise of Nobility tries to explain is why and how she becomes that way. Feelings of dissapointment, anger and regret cause her grow up much earlier than most. These events forge her into the queen that she will become.

Back in the earliest days of Star Wars fan audio dramas, three projects entered production. These were the so-called first generation Star Wars fan audio dramas. That generation included: Omega Pictures' Smuggler's Run; Rayzur's Edge Audio's Second Strike; and the very first fan audio drama to enter production by a group of Star Wars fans in the internet age, Shaven Wookiee Productions' Rise of Nobility.

Under the guidance of Keith Abbott, Linda Lyons, and Pamela Kinney, Rise of Nobility not only helped create the foundations of the fan audio drama subgenre but also attempted (rather successfully, one might add) to recreate voices of established Star Wars characters, something rarely done, even today, in audio dramas (outside of voice-altered characters, such as Darth Vader).

We are happy to bring you this classic entry into the Star Wars fan audio genre.

STARRING: Elizabeth Ascot; Evan Slaasted; Kody Hencz; Ted Alderman; and many others

WRITTEN by Linda Lyons

MIXED by Keith Abbott

(Originally released by Shaven Wookiee Productions in 2003)

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