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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 13, 2008

While playing the role of Red Beard in Rise of Nobility (the first Star Wars fan audio drama to enter production and the seventh to be released in late August 2003), voice actor Ted Alderman became intrigued by the creative process behind Star Wars fan audio dramas.

Alderman decided to craft his own audio drama, but rather than using an original tale, as had been the case with the previously-released Second Strike and his own voice acting foray, Rise of Nobility, he chose to break new ground in the genre by crafting Star Wars fan audio's first audio dramatization of a previously existing Star Wars story.

The story in question is the classic Star Wars Tales #9 short story Resurrection by Ron Marz, wherein two Sith Apprentices, Darth Vader and Darth Maul, clash for the right to be Palpatine's apprentice. Working under the banner of Southern Cross Productions, Alderman collaborated with Bryan Henry (who worked under the banner of Same BKG Studios), to craft this unofficial audio dramatization of Resurrection, which has been noted for being both an entertaining audio drama and an excellent read-along presentation for fans who own a copy of the original comic book tale.

Released on June 7, 2003, Resurrection entered the genre as the fifth audio drama on the scene (behind three episodes of Second Strike and one of Anthology), while becoming another new first for the genre: the audio drama adaptation.

STARRING: Ben Fletcher; Ted Alderman; Nathan P. Butler; and many others



MIXED by Bryan Henry

(Originally released by Southern Cross Productions and Same BKG Studios in 2003)

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(We should note that no one involved in Star Wars Fanworks nor Alderman's project claims any rights over the original story that is adapted in this audio drama. In other words, Alderman and his team have made this in homage of Mr. Marz's incredible work, but the project exists at Dark Horse's suffrance, and the creators do not wish to annoy any parties involved. Just let us know if it should be removed, Dark Horse. Until then, we thank you for your indulgence, and hope that fans enjoy this audio interpretation of the tale. )