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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

May 17, 2008

The story that began as the Prelude to Hope fan film project in 1998 grew, evolved, and later became the more complex Prelude to Hope 2.0 outline, crafted by Devon Read. When that new storyline became a script by Nathan P. Butler that later went unused for the fan film, the story was again revised to become Nothing Changes, the startling prequel to the Star Wars: Second Strike audio drama that kicked off a whole new genre of fan audio productions.

Now, follow the tale of three Rebel Alliance operatives in conflict with agents of the Empire, as they unknowingly set the stage for future events in the Ferri'sol system, while a piece of fan film history becomes an audio drama in the Rayzur's Edge Audio and Ear Candy traditions, written by Nathan P. Butler and mixed by Steve Fluharty.

Originally released as a monthly, serialized, six-part audio drama series from July through December 2004, Nothing Changes was collected in September 2005 as a full-length Producer's Cut edition, allowing listeners to experience the entire tale as one audio drama.

This audio drama acts as a prequel to Second Strike and spawned a ChronoRadio: Serial Edition, entitled Everything Changes (which we will release next through the Fanworks Audio Feed). It also marked only the second time that Butler allowed someone else to mix an audio drama that he had written. (The first time had been Christopher Hanel mixing the first act of Second Strike in 2002.)

STARRING: Brian Bisetti; Matthew Gordon; Edward Gore; Krista Kolesar; and others

WRITTEN by Nathan P. Butler, based on a concept by Devon Read

MIXED by Steve Fluharty

(Originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio and Ear Candy in serialized form in 2004, then re-released as an extended, merged Producer's Cut in 2005)

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