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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Apr 13, 2008

Tonight, we premiere a new, exclusive feature for the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed. It's nothing special, just something you'll find only here for feed listeners.

In an effort to keep visitors up to date on the many, many releases and re-releases coming through the feed, we have prepared a short program entitled, simply, Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed News, which features a brief rundown of feed materials thus far, plus further details about some of those releases and plans for what you'll see coming up in the feed.

If you visit this page regularly, this program is likely old news, with the exception of the materials about upcoming releaes. It is meant predominantly for those who download and listen through the RSS feed and rarely, if ever, visit the blog page.

HOST: Nathan P. Butler

(Released exclusively through this feed, 2008)