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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Feb 14, 2008

The Rebels are trapped in the H'rahk City hangar bay, under the watchful eye of Admiral Dire. All seems lost. However, hope is not yet lost. The Rebel rescue team, led by General Jan Dodonna, is able to infiltrate hte hangar. During their rescue mission, dark secrets are revealed, and it becomes questionable whether they will leave the moon alive or not. Above, a great space battle has erupted. The Imperial Navy, led by Darth Vader aboard the Star Destroyer Abolisher, clashes with the Rebel fleet, temporarily led by Captain Orid aboard the Corellian Corvette Warden, with both sides' fighter squadrons dogfighting throughout the stars.

Joe Harrison's Conquest of the Empire, a five-part Star Wars fan audio drama series, continues!

The third episode, Perseverance and Purpose, peremiered on February 24, 2006. When Harrison returned to the project in late 2006, he updated and tweaked the chapter to release a Remastered Edition of the chapter on March 12, 2007.

Here, we present the Remastered Edition of Conquest of the Empire's third chapter, Perseverance and Purpose . . .

STARRING: Joe Harrison; Silas Carder; Ron Barnes; Nathan P. Butler; Mike Lane; Bryan Patrick Stoyle; Eric Olp; and others

WRITTEN by Joe Harrison

MIXED by Joe Harrison

(Originally released by Lion's Mouth Entertainment in 2006; Remastered Edition released in 2007)

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