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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Feb 14, 2008

The space battle above the primary H'rahk moon continues as both Gundark and ARC Squadrons pair up to protect the Rebel fleet from the barrage of hte Imperial Star Destroyers. Simultaneously, on the surface below, Captains Ledok and Jaden Dodonna, Commander Tyson, and General Dodonna must find a way to escape the planet as stealthly and swiftly as possible as Imperials keep a close watch on the planet's activities.

Joe Harrison's Conquest of the Empire, a five-part Star Wars fan audio drama series, continues!

The fourth episode, Hope Rises and Darkness Falls, peremiered on April 17, 2006.

Here, we present Conquest of the Empire's fourth chapter, Hope Rises and Darkness Falls. . .

STARRING: Joe Harrison; Silas Carder; Ron Barnes; Nathan P. Butler; Mike Lane; Bryan Patrick Stoyle; Eric Olp; and others

WRITTEN by Joe Harrison

MIXED by Joe Harrison

(Originally released by Lion's Mouth Entertainment in 2006)

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