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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Feb 14, 2008

The Rebels have been cornered in the H'rahk City hangar bay. The communications have gone out, the city's shields are down, and it is mere minutes before the Imperial forces, led by the malicious droid leader Admiral Dire, break in and take control. While Lieutenant Kirvix attempts to establish communication with the approaching fleet of rescue ships, led by General Jan Dodonna, Captail Ledok and Captain Jaden Dodonna debate the situation with Commander Kirkson. The Rebels decide that htey must fight . . . to whatever end.

Joe Harrison's Conquest of the Empire, a five-part Star Wars fan audio drama series, continues!

The second episode, Fortitude and Redemption, peremiered on October 1, 2005. When Harrison returned to the project in 2006, he updated and tweaked the chapter to release a Remastered Edition of the chapter on March 7, 2007.

Here, we present the Remastered Edition of Conquest of the Empire's second chapter, Fortitude and Redemption . . .

STARRING: Joe Harrison; Silas Carder; Ron Barnes; Nathan P. Butler; Mike Lane; Bryan Patrick Stoyle; Eric Olp; and others

WRITTEN by Joe Harrison

MIXED by Joe Harrison

(Originally released by Lion's Mouth Entertainment in 2005; Remastered Edition released in 2007)

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