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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Feb 14, 2008

Emperor Palpatine has dispatched his Imperial military to the peaceful H'rahk Sector at the edge of the Expansion Region. However, he did not realize it was under the protection of the Rebel Alliance. Now, a battle has broken out that will test the courage of the Imperials and Rebels alike.

Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire introduced the fan audio community to a new name in the community, an individual who would go on to become one of the genre's most prolific writers and producers. Joe Harrison (first under the name Force Flow Unltd, then COTE Audio Productions, then EUII Audio Corps, and now under the name Lion's Mouth Entertainment) began his fan audio "career" with the first chapter of Conquest of the Empire, a five-part Star Wars fan audio drama series.

The first episode, Defense and Trepidation, peremiered (sans title) on June 13, 2005, featured voices that were almost entirely variations on a wide range of vocal performances by Harrison himself, but as the project grew and the project gained more and more acclaim from within the community, Harrison returned to the project in 2006 to release a remixed, recast, expanded Special Edition of the chapter on December 19, 2006.

Here, we present the Special Edition of Conquest of the Empire's first chapter, Defense and Trepidation . . .

STARRING: Joe Harrison; Silas Carder; Ron Barnes; Nathan P. Butler; Mike Lane; Bryan Patrick Stoyle; Eric Olp; and others

WRITTEN by Joe Harrison

MIXED by Joe Harrison

(Originally released by Lion's Mouth Entertainment in 2005; Special Edition released in 2006)

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