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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jun 15, 2008

In this prequel to the upcoming Crusade of the Rebellion series, we follow Colonel Ledok at the end of his eight-year peace mission in the Outer Rim territories. His last stop: the Trandoshan-occupied planet Qalabar. But this peace mission quickly becomes a nightmare when the colonel finds himself dodging blaster bolts and fist fights. The events in this story will lead into Crusade of the Rebellion.

Joe Harrison's Lion's Mouth Entertainment released Conquest of the Empire as five chapters (plus one Special Edition and two Remastered Editions) to great acclaim from 2005 through 2007. Now, in 2008, as Harrison gears up for the COTE sequel series, Crusade of the Rebellion, Harrison has released this one-man project as a prequel to COTR (or, one could say, a bridge between COTE and COTR).

STARRING: Joe Harrison

WRITTEN by Joe Harrison

MIXED by Joe Harrision

(Originally released by Lion's Mouth Entertainment in 2008)

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