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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 15, 2008

Following the releases of Doubts Cast and Dreamscape in July and August of 2003, which themselves followed the 2002 - 2003 release of Second Strike, Nathan P. Butler's Rayzur's Edge Audio had reached a new era in its life in fan audio. No longer could REA rely on developing Butler's previously-written, unproduced fan film scripts into fan audio dramas.

From here on, Butler's fan audio dramas would be new, original stories, but those in the Anthology series would continue to hold a "moral" or "deeper meaning," following in the previous two episodes' footsteps. They would also be a place for experimentation.

The third episode of the series, released in September 2003, coinciding with the launch of Star Wars Fanworks, was entitled The Mob. This tale was a bit darker in tone than the previous episodes and was experimental in that it was predominantly told through the recorded narration of its lead character, Rolan. In our tale, Rolan poses to the listener a new moral dilemma: how does personal responsibility exist, if at all, within the "mob mentality?"

STARRING: Nathan P. Butler and others

WRITTEN by Nathan P. Butler

MIXED by Nathan P. Butler

(Originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio in 2003)

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