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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 16, 2008

As the Star Wars: Anthology audio drama moved ahead into 2004, the series shifted in direction.

No longer a vehicle for tales by series creator Nathan P. Butler, the deicison was made to open up the series to become a showcase for other creative teams, similar to the anthology concept behind television series like Tales from the Crypt or the concept behind the Star Wars comic book series Star Wars Tales (for which series creator Butler would later write).

The rules were simple for taking part in Anthology. The tales had to be short audio dramas (20 - 40 minutes, give or take), should (in theory) have some sort of deeper question behind them, and would follow the standard Anthology fomat of a Butler-read narration in a specific format, so that the series would sound somewhat recognizable and uniform in that respect.

The first team to take up this challenge was a familiar face to many fan fiction readers and a new face on the scene.

The familiar face was the writer of this new episode, entitled No Way Out. Sean Koury had been the originator of the fan fiction character of Lawg Skrak, who has appeared in numerous written fan fiction stories over the years, both by Koury and others. This was to be Koury's first foray into fan audio writing and his infamous character's first foray into an auditory adventure.

Behind the scenes, mixing was carried out by fan audio newcomer Steve Fluharty, who would, over the next several years, become one of the most well-known audio mixers in the entire Star Wars fan audio genre.

Together, Koury and Fluharty gave us the tale of Lawg Skrak's hunt for dangerous pey on Holdenus. It would be an adventure that brought back Jedi Master Prevoda Vatil from the premiere episode of the series, Doubts Cast, bringing Adam Bertocci back into the voice acting fold.

STARRING: Sean Koury; Adam Bertocci; Nathan P. Butler; Michael Smith; and others

WRITTEN by Sean Koury

MIXED by Steve Fluharty

(Originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio and Ear Candy in 2004)

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