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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 14, 2008

With the completion of Second Strike, Nathan P. Butler, under the banner of Rayzur's Edge Audio, chose to continue forward into fan audio dramas. The positive response to Second Strike's three acts had proven that audio was a viable medium for serious audio tales by Star Wars fans. The question now was: What stories would be told?

In the previous years, Butler had been an active member of the Star Wars fan film community, where he had met and collaborated with fellow fan Pete Dixon on a pair of short moralistic scripts for a planned fan film series entitled Force Tales. However, those scripts had been sitting "on the shelf," unproduced, and were not to see the light of day as films.

Thus, with the intention of telling those stories in an accessible medium, rather than letting them disappear, Butler began developing those two scripts (Doubts Cast and Dreamscape) into the first two audio dramas in a brand new series, Star Wars: Anthology.

Premiering in July of 2003, the first episode, Doubts Cast, features an encounter between a young street kid and a lone Jedi, wherein the former must learn a lesson in the true nature of peacekeeping.

STARRING: Richard Brookes; Adam Bertocci; and others

WRITTEN by Nathan P. Butler, based on a concept by Pete Dixon

MIXED by Nathan P. Butler

(Originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio in 2003)

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