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Star Wars: Anthology - Audio Drama Series

Jan 13, 2008

With the success of Second Strike's three acts/episodes, Nathan P. Butler of Rayzur's Edge Audio wanted to continue pushing ahead with Star Wars fan audio dramas. Rather than creating one large story, however, as had been the case with Second Strike, Butler's next series of projects were to be short audio dramas. As such, it only made sense to craft these tales into Star Wars fan audio's first audio drama series (if one considered Second Strike a three-part whole, rather than a series, per se).

The five short audio dramas produced by Rayzur's Edge Audio and released monthly from July through November, 2003, were standalone tales, set within the same general "timeline" as Second Strike. The series first two episodes (Doubts Cast and Dreamscape) were written by Butler in collaboration with Pete Dixon (originally for Dixon's abandoned fan film series, Force Tales). The subsequent three episodes (The Mob, Addiction, and Responsibility) were completely new, the latter of which centered around a secondary character from Second Strike.

After one month (December 2003) with no new episode, the series returned with an altered format in January and February, 2004. At that point, the series had been opened to other creative teams, leading Sean Koury and Christopher Walker to each write one episode (No Way Out and To Overcome, respectively), both of which were mixed by then-newcomer Steve Fluharty. Butler remained aboard as, essentially, a series Executive Producer.

The Anthology series entered an indefinite hiatus after seven episodes in 2004, though Butler has stated that others who wish to create episodes for the series may contact him to do that very thing.

(Other concepts have emerged for the series from Butler and others but have never entered production . . . with one exception. Matt Loewen's tale Runaway was originally slated to be an episode of Anthology, but was later changed into a standalone audio drama.)

Our next seven releases through the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed will be the complete series run of Star Wars: Anthology, as we continue to bring you a look back at classic Star Wars fan audio.

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