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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 15, 2008

The fourth episode of Star Wars: Anthology, Addiction hit Star Wars Fanworks in October 2003. Again, the series carried on an experiment. Addiction attempted to tell its story in a courtroom setting, utilizing testimony as a means of triggering a series of flashbacks, through with the story of the "case" would unfold.

This episode almost marked the first Rayzur's Edge Audio starring role for Brian Bisetti. Bisetti had previously played the Bartender in Doubts Cast and Jor Ti'lana in Dreamscape, while also recording "wild lines" for Shaven Wookiee Productions' Rise of Nobility. His role as Tal Brightstormer in Addiction would set the stage for him to return with starring roles in the Nothing Changes audio drama, the fifth episode of Anthology (Responsibility), and two ChronoRadio Serial Editions (Matted and Everything Changes).

This episode also featured the return of Michael Haspil (Second Strike's Jivs Korus and Dreamscape's Zirik "Quintas" Pahl) and the fan audio voice acting debut of Rich Sigfrit (Requiem of the Outcast, et al).

The moral question posed: is drug abuse truly a "victimless crime?"

STARRING: Brian Bisetti; Bryan Henry; Michael Haspil; and others

WRITTEN by Nathan P. Butler

MIXED by Nathan P. Butler

(Originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio in 2003)

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