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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Star Wars and Beyond - Radio Show / Podcast

May 13, 2008

In the early days of Star Wars fan-made radio shows, Jedi Talk came first, pioneering live, streaming episodes. Then came the French language, live/streaming show Star Wars en Direct, alongside the English pre-recorded fan film genre spin-off Digital Llama Radio. After that, ChronoRadio blazed a trail for single-host Star Wars shows, followed by the oddball humor of Requiem of the Outcast, which launched on September 1, 2003, coinciding with the launch of Star Wars Fanworks.

One year later, on the first anniversary of Fanworks, Robbie Chastain premiered another groundbreaking new show, Star Wars and Beyond, the first radio show in the Star Wars fan audio genre to be a Star Wars fan audio community program that was, as far as content, based on the idea of "Star Wars and More." It is a format that has been expanded upon by other programs in the years since.

Star Wars and Beyond (SWAB) ran from 2004 through 2007, going through one apparent cancellation of its "Version 1" run before returning for "Version 2" in 2005. Now, Chastain is gearing up to relaunch the series again in 2008. In the lead up to this relaunch, we are presenting the original Star Wars and Beyond library here in the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed . . . with a twist.

Among the many classic episodes that will come through the feed, we will also be presenting never-before-heard Special Edition re-edits of several key episodes, produced by Robbie Chastain over the last few months, allowing fans to, if we may paraphrase the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition commercials, hear them again . . . for the first time.

We begin our presentation this month, with further episodes to come throughout the year.

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