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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jedi Talk - Radio Show / Podcast

Apr 6, 2008

Jedi Talk has become the stuff of legend in Star Wars radio show fare. In fact, it was the first online radio show based entirely on Lucas' saga and the only show of its kind on the internet from 1999 through the births of Star Wars en Direct and Digital Llama Radio in 2001. Now, after the show's last hurrah in 2002, new productions carry on its legacy of high-concept talk radio programming, but neither would have been possible without the groundwork laid by Jedi Talk, the groundwork that told us, "if you air it, they will listen" in true cornfield ghost fashion.

During its run, Jedi Talk aired episodes live via streaming technology, inviting listeners to join in the experience every Sunday night for nearly three years. The team also managed to score live interviews with notable Star Wars personalities.

In a very real way, this program is the grandfather of the entire fan audio genre. It is to fan radio shows what Second Strike was to fan audio dramas, and it is to the fan audio genre as a whole was A New Hope was to the Star Wars saga.

This, friends, was our beginning . . .

Now, almost a decade after the show's original premiere in 1999, the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed is proud to present, in association with, the full library of the original Jedi Talk radio show episodes. Each episode, when in segments, has been merged into one file per show, providing an uninterrupted experience, and compressed into standard quality (similar to that used for Rayzur's Edge Audio's ChronoRadio) for faster download.

We begin our presentation this month, with further episodes to come throughout the year.

You can visit the Jedi Talk team on MySpace here:

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