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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Sep 11, 2009

From 1999 to 2002, Jedi Talk was the first online radio show based entirely on Lucas' saga. During its run, Jedi Talk aired episodes live via streaming technology, inviting listeners to join in the experience every Sunday night for nearly three years. The team also managed to score live interviews with notable Star Wars personalities. This, friends, was our beginning . . .

Now, almost a decade after the show's original premiere in 1999, the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed is proud to present, in association with, the full library of the original Jedi Talk radio show episodes. Each episode, when in segments, has been merged into one file per show, providing an uninterrupted experience, and compressed into standard quality (similar to that used for Rayzur's Edge Audio's ChronoRadio) for faster download.

Here, we present Episode 130 of the Jedi Talk series.

(Note: Given that Episodes 131 - 164 are unrecoverable, and the final episode, Episode 165, has already been posted, this is the final episode of Jedi Talk to be posted in this feed. We hope you have enjoyed this look into the original Star Wars fan-made radio show.)

HOSTS: Victor Lucien Maier (Darion Blade); Eugene Cash (Lars Quillion); and Mark Hendersen (Kal Thanos)

(Jedi Talk series originally released 1999 - 2002)

You can visit the Jedi Talk team on MySpace here:

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