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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Apr 11, 2008

Digital Llama Radio released five independent episodes and eleven (twelve if counting the two-part eighth episode as two episodes) through TheForce.Net Fan Films before eventually merging with its sister show, Digital Llama Players Guide, into Digital Llama 2.0 in 2003.

With the Digital Llama Radio series re-release complete, we now prepare for the re-release of Digital Llama 2.0 with the re-release of Digital Llama Players Guide (which, incidentally, is tied into Digital Llama Productions but is not a Star Wars podcast).

Again with the blessing of DLP founder Christopher Hanel, we present here the fifth (and final) episode of the standalone Digital Llama Players Guide series, also known as F**k White Wolf.

After this episode, Digital Llama Players Guide ended, merging with Digital Llama Radio into Digital Llama 2.0, which will be featured very soon in the Fanworks Audio Feed.

HOSTS: Christopher Hanel; Abe Peterka; Josh Wasta

(DLPG series originally released by Digital Llama Productions, 2002)

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(Christopher Hanel's Riff Raff Theater can be found at