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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jan 8, 2009

He is a courier of sensitive intelligence, a man known in circles high and low only by his codename, The Starkeeper.

As the Rebellion and the Empire do battle above Endor, Morgan Stark finds his contact for his latest mission missing. He unwittingly winds up embroiled in a CorSec investigation of three assassinated members of the Corellian Council. As he discovers more information, he realizes it is all part of a grand scheme to sow chaos throughout the galaxy.

It’s an adventure that sprawls from the skyways of Corellia, to the Imperial training facilty on the planet Moorja, to strange points unkown. Featuring a cast of teriffic voice actors, Codename: Starkeeper supplies the action, intrigue, and campy humor worthy of the name Star Wars.

The saga of Codename: Starkeeper is podcaster Jim Perry's first foray into Star Wars audio dramas, after having released the successful science fiction / fantasy parody, Thesis a Fantasy.

Here, we present Act V of Codename: Starkeeper.

STARRING: Jim Perry; Steve Saylor; Silas Carder; Chris Dickey; Andrew Gilbertson; Hazen Nester; Christopher Walker; Philippa Ballantine; Devin Cox; Joe Harrison; and others.

WRITTEN by Jim Perry

MIXED by Joe Harrison and Jim Perry

(Originally released by Visionary Creative Works in 2008)

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