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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Jun 11, 2009

During its 85-episode run, ChronoRadio featured a total of five "Special Editions," each dedicated to one single topic, beginning in October 2002.

Three of these Special Editions were dedicated to the topic of Star Wars "canon" or the levels and form of Star Wars "continuity." These three episodes each built upon themselves, as the approach being taken to Star Wars licensed continuation products was refined over the years.

As such, the first two ChronoRadio Special Editions have been out of circulation for several years because they have become obsolete in the face of the newer episode on the topic, and the producer, Nathan P. Butler, did not wish to confuse people with out-of-date discussions on such a complex topic.

As we wrap up our Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed coverage of ChronoRadio, we are presenting all five of the ChronoRadio Special Editions, including the two "Canon" episodes that had previously been removed from circulation.

Here, we present ChronoRadio: Special Edition III, also known as The Canon Question Revisited, the last of three on the "Canon" topic, produced and released in May 2005.

HOST: Nathan P. Butler

(CR series originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio, 2002 - 2007)

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