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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

ChronoRadio - Radio Show / Podcast

Mar 3, 2008

In 2002, while working with Christopher Hanel of Digital Llama Radio (DLR) on the Second Strike audio drama and with great interest in online radio show production after having been a guest and guest mixer for DLR, Nathan P. Butler returned to an idea he had considered the year before. In 2001, Butler had considered a series of audio clips to go with his Star Wars Timeline Project (now the Star Wars Timeline Gold). Now, though, Butler began considering a new radio show dedicated to Star Wars continuity as a companion project to the chronology document.

Thus, on May 16, 2002, Butler premiered the first audio production out of the gate from what he called "Rayzur's Edge Audio" (named for the team in the forthcoming Second Strike audio drama and the idea of being on the "cutting edge" of Star Wars fan audio). Billed as "the Star Wars continuity buff's internet radio show," ChronoRadio ran for five years (85 episodes) before concluding in May 2007.

This was another show that helped redefine a genre. Just as Jedi Talk would inspire Star Wars en Direct, Digital Llama Radio had inspired ChronoRadio, which would go on to inspire numerous other radio shows and podcasts in the years to come, as it became, in essence, the flagship radio show for Star Wars Fanworks when the site launched in September 2003. This would also be the radio show that, in part, led to Butler taking part in official Star Wars publications, such as his freelance writing of the story Equals and Opposites for Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars Tales.

For the first time (outside of a very brief stint of releasing abbreviated podcast versions of a scant handful of episodes), we are proud to present ChronoRadio via podcast feed. With approximately 100 hours of content that includes regular episodes, supplemental episodes, special one-topic episodes, numerous interviews (Star Wars and otherwise), short "enhanced audio book" fan fiction tales (Serial Editions), and film commentaries, this was among the most respected of the early generations of Star Wars fan audio.

We begin our presentation this month, with further episodes to come throughout the year.

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