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Sep 30, 2008

During its 85-episode run, ChronoRadio featured a total of eight Serial Editions. These episodes were short prose fiction, read in the form of an audiobook, but featured voice actors for all spoken dialogue, resulting in an "enhanced audiobook" experience, something between an "audiobook" and an "audio drama."

The first of these tales was entitled Parallels. It follows the story of three young Jedi in a scenario that is presented from three different perspectives (one per episode), each of which builds upon what we've seen in the other parts to reveal the truth of the situation. The perspectives of each episode, thus, run "in parallel" with each other.

Here, we present ChronoRadio: Serial Edition II, better known as Parallels, Part II.

STARRING: Mike Lane; Ian Bowie; Krista Kolesar; and Nathan P. Butler

WRITTEN by Nathan P. Butler

MIXED by Nathan P. Butler

(CR series originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio, 2002 - 2007)

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