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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Oct 26, 2008

During its 85-episode run, ChronoRadio featured a total of eight Serial Editions. These episodes were short prose fiction, read in the form of an audiobook, but featured voice actors for all spoken dialogue, resulting in an "enhanced audiobook" experience, something between an "audiobook" and an "audio drama."

The second of these tales was entitled Matted. It was the result of a contest in which fans could write in with their own stories in hopes of having theirs chosen and made into the next Serial Edition. The winner, in this case, was Michael Galasso.

Here, we present ChronoRadio: Serial Edition IV, better known as Matted.

(One should note that even though the story Everything Changes was released as Serial Editions VI - VIII, they have already been released via the feed alongside Nothing Changes. This makes Matted the final Serial Edition.)

STARRING: Brian Bisetti; Lila Atherley; Michael Haspil; and Nathan P. Butler

WRITTEN by Michael Galasso

MIXED by Nathan P. Butler

(CR series originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio, 2002 - 2007)

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