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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

May 17, 2008

During its 85-episode run, ChronoRadio featured a total of eight Serial Editions. These episodes were short prose fiction, read in the form of an audiobook, but featured voice actors for all spoken dialogue, resulting in an "enhanced audiobook" experience, something between an "audiobook" and an "audio drama."

With the recent Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed release of Nothing Changes: The Producer's Cut, we leap ahead in our ChronoRadio releases to March and April of 2005, when ChronoRadio host Nathan P. Butler (who also wrote Nothing Changes) released the four-part Serial Edition known as Everything Changes.

Just as Nothing Changes was based on an abandoned concept for the original Prelude to Hope fan film (and its opening flashback dream sequence was based on an abandoned Prelude to Hope prequel comic book, From the Ashes), this sequel, Everything Changes, is based upon the prose short fiction sequel to Prelude to Hope, which would have been released under the name Forgotten Knights.

See how the story of Nothing Changes comes full circle in Everything Changes.

Here, we present ChronoRadio: Serial Edition VII, better known as Everything Changes, Part III.

STARRING: Matthew Gordon; Michael Sheridan; Brian Bisetti; Ian Bowie; Deanna Davis (credited as Deanna Atkinson); Jeff Driscoll; and Nathan P. Butler

WRITTEN by Nathan P. Butler

MIXED by Nathan P. Butler

(CR series originally released by Rayzur's Edge Audio, 2002 - 2007)

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