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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

May 5, 2013

In 2013, fan audio newcomer Patrick Kasprik entered the fan audio drama genre with Rebel Rising, a tale based around the Rebel Alliance, featuring characters familiar to longtime (think Marvel age) EU fans. Here we present this fan audio debut.

STARRING: Patrick Kasprik, Viviana Esquivel, et al


Jan 27, 2013

In 2004, Michael Sheridan began a new fan fiction universe within Star Wars with The Lost Patrol, what was to be the first of several episodes in The Logan Chronicles. Now, that first episodes stands as its own standalone tale, re-released here for the first time since its original release on Sheridan's own...

Jun 5, 2011

Star Wars Fanworks maintains a constant presence at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC, each year. As part of that presence, we also record the Star Wars panel from the convention each year to release to fans online who were unable to attend. Here we present a panel entitled The Star Wars Universe, featuring Nathan P. Butler...

Feb 24, 2011

Every year, Star Wars Fanworks holds an award series and "ceremony" for outstanding projects released in the previous year. For 2011, the official award announcement show features Jerry and Dan from Republic Forces Radio Network. Listen here to explore the winners (and winner responses) from 2011's awards.

HOSTS: Dan...

Dec 20, 2010

Nathan P. Butler launched The Butlerniverse in 2005 as a freeform show that discusses various topics, both Star Wars and otherwise.

The series has ended as of December 2010. Here, you will find the entire Butlerniverse library as part of the Star Wars Fanworks Fan Audio Feed.

Here, we present The Butlerniverse: Episode...