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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

Star Wars and Beyond - Radio Show / Podcast

May 13, 2008

In the early days of Star Wars fan-made radio shows, Jedi Talk came first, pioneering live, streaming episodes. Then came the French language, live/streaming show Star Wars en Direct, alongside the English pre-recorded fan film genre spin-off Digital Llama Radio. After that, ChronoRadio blazed a trail for single-host...

ALTA Radio - Radio Show / Podcast

Apr 18, 2008

As readers and listeners saw earlier in the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed, Joe Harrison's Conquest of the Empire made a splash in fan audio dramas beginning in June 2005. Almost a year later, in March 2006, Harrison's EUII Audio Corps (now Lion's Mouth Entertainment) launched its first online radio show (previously...

Stormtrooper Bob - Audio Parody Series

Apr 17, 2008

Jedi Talk is frequently noted (and rightly so) as the first Star Wars fan-made radio show (a "podcast" without a "podcast feed") to make its debut online, kickstarting a genre. From 1999 until its end in 2002, Jedi Talk represented a pioneer in Star Wars fan audio . . . but not just in the subgenre of radio...

Jedi Talk - Radio Show / Podcast

Apr 6, 2008

Jedi Talk has become the stuff of legend in Star Wars radio show fare. In fact, it was the first online radio show based entirely on Lucas' saga and the only show of its kind on the internet from 1999 through the births of Star Wars en Direct and Digital Llama Radio in 2001. Now, after the show's last hurrah in 2002,...

ChronoRadio - Radio Show / Podcast

Mar 3, 2008

In 2002, while working with Christopher Hanel of Digital Llama Radio (DLR) on the Second Strike audio drama and with great interest in online radio show production after having been a guest and guest mixer for DLR, Nathan P. Butler returned to an idea he had considered the year before. In 2001, Butler had considered a...