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Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed

ALTA Radio - Radio Show / Podcast

Apr 18, 2008

As readers and listeners saw earlier in the Star Wars Fanworks Audio Feed, Joe Harrison's Conquest of the Empire made a splash in fan audio dramas beginning in June 2005. Almost a year later, in March 2006, Harrison's EUII Audio Corps (now Lion's Mouth Entertainment) launched its first online radio show (previously unavailable via podcast feed), A Long Time Ago Radio, better known to many as ALTA Radio.

Hosted by Joe Harrison, Silas Carder, and Andrew Gilbertson, the series focuses on Star Wars "and more."

Now, with Lion's Mouth Entertainment's website hosted by Star Wars Fanworks and Joe Harrison aboard as the newest staff member at Fanworks, we felt it was appropriate to begin releasing this series, previously available only via direct download, through the Fanworks Audio Feed.

We begin our presentation this month, as we catch up on the five episodes that are currently available. We will continue with simultaneous Star Wars Fanworks website and feed releases with each new episode.

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